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    I don't know if anyone has of late taken a look at the models that Bob, of "Bob's Card Models' has uploaded here into our "Resource" section, but I have looked at these before, and thought they were astounding. I think he has gone over a few of them, or I am seeing them with new eyes because there are some incredible models, many which cannot be had in any medium but paper.

    :Coffee: Take a look, better yet, take a break from some "Sci-Fi" and build a few of these as support vehicles. There are some absolutely astounding models there, coupled with Silveroxides tools and carts, tool boxes, etc, you could make one helluva diorama, or one heck of a Jet or Airplane, because these models stand on their own too. Beautiful aircraft and Jets, and very historical.

    I believe all his models can be found following this link:

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    I know his models and have saved his whole gallery some time ago. The amount of work and care he has put into them is remarkable. The model make superb display pieces and are not hard to build. Thank you very much, Bob, for making them and for allowing Zealot to host them. :)
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    I have been busy with other projects and I have not looked in on Bob's models. There are some there that peak my interest but there are so many models and sometimes it is hard to choose what is the next build. I do have a penchant for the DC-3 (Dakota) (C-47). I do have six parachute jumps from this bird and some day I may get around to building one, The Rose comes to mind but with a camo job. Thanks Bob, for sharing with us your endeavors.