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    Hi everyone,
    I don't know if this is the place to do this ,but I thoought I would passit on. She passed away Last weekend, don't know particulars but know she will be missed. For those that don't know she wrotea book "Tracks from Texas to Tokio". Being from Texas and closs to her home town of Dallas, I'm in Fort Worth , this meant a lot to me I have this book with her autograph that I got at the local Fort Worth train show. I also saw her at the Plano show this month, so when I was in the General Information threads and saw the fhread I was shocked. She was avery nice lady that owned her own hobby shop " Hall's Hobby House" in Dallas, Texas. She sold mostly brass model trains in her shop under 'Halmark Models" in HO and N I know wrong scales but they were brass imports. She was one of a kind. I don't know if she got to any of the bigger shows or not .announce1 announce1