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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. AE86 Drifter

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    I just ordered the D1GP Blitz Skyline body from speedtech. It a replica of Monkey Magic's car. I also ordered the speedway pal fake exhaust. it looked sweet in the pic i hope it is just as cool when i get it. it looks like heat treated titanium. all i know is that i cant wait for the body and exhaust to get here. anyone else have speedway pal products and if so were you pleased with quality. Also anyone else ordered from speedtech?
    how long will it take?? i got regular shipping and both items were in stock
  2. I hope you like duel exaust cuz when I bought my D1GP it already came with an exhaust. I love that body, I got it signed by monkey man himself!
  3. rcdrifter

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    I have both the rx7 and blitz skyline from speedpal that I ordered from speedtechrc. They are fast to ship, if its in stock, and yes the blitz skyline does already come with the exhaust...

    I just finished painting and putting the decals on my skyline last night, been sitting here for a couple weeks...
  4. mfzero

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    Nice. I should look into getting a real drifter body :!:
  5. AE86 Drifter

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    sweet i always have other bodies to put the exhaust on. the ups tracking number says it will be here friday so you guys know what im gonna do friday night before i go out. i think i will order the apexi rx7 and the yukes trueno together when the rx7 is back in stock! any word on when the hks S15 will be at speedtech?
  6. whats speedtech? how can i order? is there like a link to that stuff? is that replica u ordered for the r/c?
  7. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest its a site to order RC products. Is pertty self explanitory when you get there.

    Hey, you guys all going to do Monkey man R34's? Lol... have a whole Monkey Man race! When i get money to order my Blitz body im going with the Blitz (Fastest skyline todate...) graphics... Heres one of the pics im refereing too... eather that or the Top. Everyone knows the top... i think...


    Unless i find a better skyline body that no one i know has done yet... i would like to try and be somewhat diffrent...

    And yes, i make my own decals... hard - Yes... good looking - sorta, fun - HELL YA!
  8. AE86 Drifter

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    the reason i got monkey magics body is because no.1 he is hilarious and a great driver, but also it was a 4 door and i have never seen another 4door skyline body.
    I am trying to get a vinyl cutter machine (small one like the roland stika machine) then i will truly be able to replicate some badass cars, but only if i can find some matching wheels!!
  9. WeAreNinja

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    *drool*... I've been in love with that car for a loooong time... :oops:
  10. Rocket-Russ

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    Just been on speedtechs site wanted to order a rx7 shell :( none in stock so i ended up getting a yokomo 180 sx body :)
  11. AE86 Drifter

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    yeah i wanted the rx-7 when i went there too but i ended up with this skyline...oh well it is a badass body
    i think im just gonna go ahead and order the rX-7 on backorder then i will get it as soon as they do
  12. Rocket-Russ

    Rocket-Russ Guest

    Does any other companys stock speedway pal bodies cos i cant find anyone except speedtech :?:
  13. AE86 Drifter

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    I have yet to find another company that does but if i find one ill tell you and vice versa
  14. Rocket-Russ

    Rocket-Russ Guest

    yes of course i will you have to share info between fellow drifters :)