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    Sep 26, 2005
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    I recently completed a repaint and partial redesign of Kancho's F-104 to the NF-104A. I modeled it after the aircraft Gen. Chuck Yeager crashed in the early '60s.

    Before I release it publicly (and yes, I have obtained Kancho's permission to do so) I would like a couple of builders familiar with Kancho's design to build the model and check for any problems. I would attempt it myself, but hand shaking and Xacto knives don't mix to well on my cutting mat.

    Anyway, I'd prefer a builder who has photo capability as I would like to see a completed version of the model before I release it, but that isn't written in stone. So, if you're familiar with the build of Kancho's F-104 and would like to try something different, PM me. I'll send the kit it out to the first three messengers I get requests from.

    In the PM, include an email address so I can '' the file to you.

    By the way, if I must say so myself, its a good looking design and I do hope it builds to look just as beautiful.