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  1. Hey everyone, new to the forum, just wanted to say hey and im glad i can be here. But im new to the drift seen as well, and would like to get into it. But im wondering what you all think is the best car out for a drift setup or just one that has alot of people making upgrades and stuff like that, a car that would be a cool project car i guess... so any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


    P.S. My dad is in the plastics industry and i was talkin to him about how you all use PVC for drift but how it weres down and stuff, and he thinks he knows of a plastic that would work great, maybe some of you might allready use it, but i havent heard. Its got long life to it and good enough grip to get you going but will get em spinning when you need em. so ill find out more on it and how to get it. see ya.
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    Uhhh where to start...

    In my experience, there's really no best car for drifting, and I think most here will agree. Just pick a touring chassis you like and that has good upgrade parts, and is readily available in your area. However, I would recommend using an electric chassis. Not that there's anything wrong with nitro cars - but you should consider the fact that the operating cost for nitro is usually more in the long run, as well as upkeep and routine maintenance on the car.

    I've seen alot of people with HPI chassis and quite a few with Tamiya chassis. I've heard the Yokomo chassis is good, but it doesn't look much different than most.

    Myself? I own two Tamiya chassis - TA03F and TA03R-TRF. I like the TA03 chassis because it's very versatile. The chassis is modular, meaning you can mount the motor in the front or the mid, and you can configure the drivetrain to be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or four wheel drive. Mounting the motor in the front is good for cooling the motor, because it can receive maximum air flow from under the body and it also creates a forward weight balance on the car that's excellent for drifting. It's also a slightly older chassis (the new Tamiya chassis is the TA04) and stronger lightweight upgrade parts can be found usually for cheap.

    Anyway, hope some of this info helps. Good luck in choosing your chassis.
  3. thanks so much for the help. so is the TA03 hard to find? and if i find it what would it be runnin probally?
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    Here's an ebay listing for the TA03R-TRF chassis (Tamiya Racing Factory - the top of the line Tamiya chassis) which is still modular and therefore basically the same as the TA03F. It has practically every hop up part you could want already included with it - carbon plate chassis parts, aluminum arms and motor heat sink, stainless steel swing shafts, racing suspension and's a complete hopped up race car chassis. All you'd need is electronics and a body.
  5. Heres what I'd do, go buy a 4wd touring car, Slap on PVC tires and maybe a new bodie and go driftin!
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    Yeah, any 4WD should do. I've read shaft-driven cars have slightly better response, but anything with 4WD will drift well.

    I've always wanted a TA03, but none of my LHS's sell many Tamiya parts. :?
  7. Yeah, im not to sure if my LHS has alot of tamiya stuff, but ill check it out, they do have HPI though for sure and he knows alot about em, maybe i should get the Pro4 from em lol :wink:
  8. BTW what is a good shaft drive car?
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    That depends on how much you're willing to spend and parts availability...
  10. how much will i be lookin at to spend?
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    i now what the best car is => the car that your lhs has all the parts for so when u bent it up u can just go to the lhs and fix it
  12. lol sounds good to me
  13. i have another question, my friend just moved and cleaned out his garage and found an old touring car that he used to play with when he was a kid, and told me i can have it. he said it went like 40 MPH but he cant find the radio for it. but i was wondering if i would be able to use those electros for my new car... he has and airtronics AM 2 channel reciever, an airtronics servo and and ESC which im not sure who its made by but it says inverter FET on it. if i bought a new airtronics radio would it work, or am i better off just to buy new electros?
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    do u go tho hobby shop?
  15. ill take a picture of the car, maybe someone can tell me what it is. but how do i atach an image?
  16. do i got to hobby shop for what?
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    then u could take the stuff there and check it whit a pro
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    well if u buy a rdio on the same frequency it should work

    (hope i helped u)
  19. lol good idea, thanks
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    That's entirely up to you. Tamiya TL-01's go for dirt cheap and are indestructible. HPI's RS4 Pro 4 is a competition level car and will run you around $325 USD. You'll need your own body and electronics on top of that.

    As far as the electronics from your friend's car, they should work.

    To post pictures, you'd have to upload them to the internet, to a pic hosting site, and link to them.