Bachmann S scale Standard Gauge Oldtime Boxcar

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    Oct 14, 2004
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    Having an excess On30 equipment and needing S scale standard gauge equipment at my Sn3.5 interchange, I sliced and diced a Bachmann On30 boxcar into a S scale standard gauge boxcar. Here shown in the pre-detail condition:


    The body was narrowed four boards to nine feet and the roof lowered to eight foot at the corner. It is a 34 feet long in S scale.
    The trucks converted rapidly with sleeves on the axles and new bolster inserts and they have a five foot wheelbase. It took about three hours to reach this point. That includes thinking about what to do. Far shorter than scratching.

    A On30 Bachmann Mogul will be converted to a S scale standard gauge 2-8-0 with a new machined frame utilizing the gear tower and motor. Bowser HO 69' drivers will be used for the S scale 51" drivers.

    Happily wielding my razor saw, got some flats and gons to narrow.

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    Great job with the conversion. Bachmann freight cars sure make good starting points for old time S standard gauge. Will you keep the brake details or use Grandt Line S parts?