B1 and OOM Droids 1:50 and 1:35

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    I originally designed these in 2007, and initially made them available only in 1:50 with 1" bases. The were the first of my fully poseable paper figurines, building on what I learned with the Stormtrooper 'Paper Soldier' design.

    I've repatriated them into my IMS line of figures (R2 was the first) and they will be shortly followed by the STAP speeder (again, designed in 2007 as part of the Paper Soldier line) made famous in Episode I. They are now available in 1:50 and 1:35, and with 1 meter (scale) bases (to match the IMS and PPX series), rather than the standard 1".



    They are available in my store (check the signature line) to registered users (for free).