axle material?

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    I'm about to regauge my Bachmann On30 2-6-0 to On3 (I have decided to go all out). In doing so, I will be replacing the axles on the drivers and pilot truck (will be purchasing On3 trucks for the tender).

    I measured the "factory" axles to be 3mm. After searching on McMaster, I can get 3mm round stock in:

    stainless steel
    drill rod

    (can also get them in brass, aluminum, etc. but want to stick with steel alloys unless someone can give a reason to go otherwise)

    All cost the same (between $3-$6 for a 3foot piece) so its simply which one would do the job best. Drill rod seems like it would be the "best" as it will be harder and closer tolerance.

    What do other people use?

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    I'd call NWSL, they sell axle material, and gears and all kinds of good stuff. Back in the 1970's they wer primarily a brass locomotive importer, They for microfocused on designing the best possible mechanisms, in a time when much of the Brass mechanisms were sub par, and needed lots of work to get smooth reliable mechanisms. They began to offer mechanism parts, gears and retrofit kits to improve common problems.

    They have a lot of institutional memory about locomotive mechanisms, excellent service, and their experience might be valuable, we can guess what would be the best material, they will know from long experience. I have a NWSL 2-8-0 I bought new in 1974, and it was 2004 before I saw a rod locomotive run as well out of the box.

    Bill Nelson