AVIA 135

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    Czechoslovakian monoplane fighter. The Av.135 was development of the B.35 with retractable landing gear. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany in 1938 and 1939 development and production continued under German control, and the aircraft were built for Bulgaria and used as trainers.
    Due to canceling the supplies from Czechoslovakia, the fighters were armed only with two 7.62 mm machine guns and were used as advanced trainers till 1945. The only combat flight of this type was on March 30, 1944, when Capt. Kr. Atanasov with his group of four AVIA B-135 attacked the formation of 80 B-24 Liberators near Sofia and managed to shoot down one of them. Four against 80 Bombers!!!!!!!!!..I could inmagine the sky full of Bombers, some flack and these four guys flying through all that gunfire. Really enjoyed building his kit. :shock:
    I have enclosed a photo composition in my album of the Card-Models model ,which you can download in PDF format for about $8.50 in 1/32 scale. (They also have a 1/50scale for about $4.00)The model is outstanding!!!!, easy to build and comes out looking great, it has complete cockpit interior, I recomend it to everyone who likes odd planes from WWII. :wink: