Attn: pro drift car owners. and other poeple.

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Dan13l, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Dan13l

    Dan13l Guest

    Hey guys!

    umm, i need some help setting up my car.

    well i've been told to get a TT-01, they say its good to lern on, and stuff.

    i want to know what would the best motor be, to race/drift meaning somthing pretty faast but can get me to drift.

    also some smaller MODs. things that will make my car FULLY SICK.

    umm. i just need some info about motors, and other things to help me drift better and faster. my budget is pretty high so thats a plus! well not really high. eheh!

    yeh thanks for the help!
  2. jareb

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    TTo1 chassis is excellent for drifting, they are not just for beginners though plenty of racers prefer this setup, plus there are loads of upgrades you can buy for it, I should probably work for tamiya cause I recommend their kits all the time, HELLO TAMIYA IF YOUR READING PLEASE HIRE ME! Haha anyways theyve always been great cars to use, cheap parts, cheap kits and they can handle just as good as any other kits on the market. Belt or Shaft drive 4wd sedan touring cars are pretty much the only way go when it comes to drifting.

    Motors: I recommend ditching the stock 540 when you need more speed and go with a modified motor something like a 19TURN double, you can use lower turn motors as well but these give you decent torque, Higher than 19 turns will make drifting more manageable but also lower overall speed. If you can afford it go brushless.
  3. Dan13l

    Dan13l Guest

    hey man thanks!

    hmm, well you see im going today to get a car.

    so your saying lower turn motors have more torque accept its slower?

    but the 19turn goes faster but its harder to drift with?

    ok. ill look to tamia or what ever, because you can always add mods to them! thanks for the advice.!


    p.s. what are some small mods that can make my car look, drift, and runn faster?
  4. jareb

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    the 19turn motors have good torque but dont go faster, they have lower rpm limits, they make it easier to start the drift, If you use drift tires like yokomo or tamiya drift tires youll get very good drift action, just takes some practice. If you make a set of PVC or ABS tires for your wheels drifting will be considerably easier and it wont matter what motor you use. The only problem with PVC, ABS, or PE tires is they are only good for sliding, you will lose high speed stability and acceleration will be poor. I like the PVC tires they are cheap to make and last for a long time, but youll need to practice with both styles to determine what suit you. The rubber drift tires will give okay straightline performance and the ablility to drift when desired.
  5. Dan13l

    Dan13l Guest

    well. im looking for a motor that will make me slide longer and faster. is there such a thing?

    friend said sports tuend tamya! is that any good? worth like $30?

  6. Satis

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    Dan, I run a TT01 with a 19T V2 Team Orion Element motor, it blows most people out of the water unless they have modified motors. Definitely what you want for bashing

    You might want to get an alum prop shaft too cause i never tried the V2 19t on the plastic prop shaft so beware
  7. jareb

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    I agree with satis the 19t motors are perfect for drifting, yokomo is making some motors over 30turns also their drift spec motors. the aluminum shaft would be a great upgrade also but its not needed.
  8. theorbb

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    no...they do go faster since their peak rpm is higher than that of a 23T or 21T. However, the downside to this is that torque is reduced as the number of windings around the armature decreases. Thats why yokomo now manufactures the 30T dift get the maximum amount of torque.