Attn: Designers! - accepting bids on an aircraft project

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    Recently some of you may have seen the L-5 that Roman entered into my contest. What I am interested in is commissioning 4 more models to be built. They are the Taylorcraft L-2, Piper L-4, Aeronca L-3, Stinson L-1. I would prefer the models to be in 1/48 scale (but you can talk to me if you want to do something different), with a reasonable balance of detail and accuracy. Would like to be able to have rights to sell them either on the web, or in printed form as we try to keep these old birds flying. Would also like to have repaint rights.
    I can supply drawings, markings, detail information, etc...
    Contact me at ryan at if you are interested. I'd prefer that you give me a $ quote for what I'd need to pay you for the project or for an individual model. I'm not super wealthy, so I may not be able to do all of them at once, but would like to have all four done eventually.