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    I wasn't sure where to post this - Trackside Industries, Scratchbuilding, Events, or somewhere else, so it ended up here...! ;)

    The "Doors Open Ontario" season is upon us. There's a guide in today's Globe & Mail, or you can visit Doors Open Ontario - Home for more information. You should probably do this anyway, since the guide does not include all there is to see and do.

    For those that have not experienced a "Doors Open" it's a chance to get inside places not always open to the public, or to go to public places with a guide that can tell you more about the place.

    While it is all very cool, there tends to be an emphasis on historic places. Luckily for us, this includes things like railways stations - and there's plenty this year. A partial list:

    • Prescott's 1855 Grand Trunk Station
    • Morrisburg's 1866 GT Stn (moved from Aultsville)
    • Jarvis' GT/CNR station
    • Markham village 1871 station (with "historic" train rides!)
    • Petrolia's 1903 GT station (serving as the public library since 1937)

    Usually Ottawa's Union Station (now government conference centre) and "new" station are open, but the guide does not mention it.

    There are also other "railroad-worthy" sites available, like the Don Valley Brick Works (RobertInOntario - are you reading this? ;)), numerous historic houses, firehalls, farms, hotels, vehicle collections, churches, and so on.

    Definitely worth a look!

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    Andrew, Thanks for putting this up - sounds like a wonderful resource for modellers, history buffs,and just-sight-seers! wish I had the resources to visitand enjoy, and the connections to get something like it started here. Thanks, again ! Bob C.