Atlas SD-35

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    New Decoder??

    :confused: My layout was shipped from Fl to KY and for the most part it survived. It is a multilevel 3 mainline with a small yard on a 4 x 8 board.
    I recently got my layout up to where I can run my locos. The layout is wired for DCC however to do my testing I have a MRC 220 power pac hooked up. All of my locos have never been run before. I have several old staight dc models and 4 dcc equipped. I have been collecting them over a period of four years as I built my layout. All of them ran fine except for the Atlas decoder equipped SDP-35. When I placed it on the layout to run with the decoder plug placed in the analog jumper mode, it started smoking. Is there a replacement board for this or did I do someting wrong? How do I fix this because this was purchased a couple of years ago? Is there a way to insure there is nothing wrong before I replace the decoder? Is there a way to run it without a decoder board?:confused: