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    Hi to everyone,

    I am in GB attempting to build an Atlas 3 rail layout for my grandson and to use DCC.

    My problem is the points. I will be using, in the first instance, non electrical points and wonder if I will have to do anything to ensure the current is flowing to all parts of the layout.

    ( when I last built a 2 rail Hornby layout I had to put in the points some spring wire to ensure full connectivity)

    No doubt this is a simple problem to you experts but please understand I am a 67 year old novice having only built a OO Set so far so please treat me nice.

    Many thanks forgiven reading this. James
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    I'm not familiar with the Atlas points specifically.
    Most O gauge points carry the current through on the 3rd rail. I had (in the 50s) some Lionel manual points that isolated the track they weren't set for. I don't think they come like that any more, but I could be wrong. (Hornby Dublo had some like that, as well).
    What you may have to do is add extra feeders in areas: you shoudn't try to run 2 ovals with one feeder and rely on the points to pass the electricity.