Atlas New Releases: SD50's in D&RGW?!?

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    Dear N Scalers:

    Atlas has announced a lot of new products due out early next year. The list is
    as follows:

    Atlas U25B Locomotives
    - C&O, N&W, UP, BN, CR, NH, Undecs
    - Delivery in February

    Atlas SD-50 Locomotives
    - CR, CSX, RBM&N, Rio Grande, Undecs
    - Delivery in January

    Atlas SD-60 Locomotives
    - Soo, UP, BNSF, NS, Undecs
    - Delivery in January

    Atlas Shorty Beer Can Tankcars
    - 18 different schemes
    - Delivery in February

    Atlas Articulated Auto Carriers (3rd run)
    - NS, TTX, UP (2 numbers each)
    - Delivery in February

    Atlas Evans 53' Double-Plug Door Boxcars
    - 8 different schemes
    - Delivery in January

    Atlas USRA Single-Sheated Boxcars (2nd Run)
    - Burl, CRRofNJ, D&H, N&W, RDG, WM
    - Delivery in December

    For all the details go to We are taking reservations for all