Athearn SD70M (CSX)

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    My thoughts and opinions on Athearns second version of their second N scale locomotive.

    1 Appearence,The CSX unit I have is nicely detailed and just generally looks good .The only thing I can see that detracts from the good looks of this unit are the rather concave side windows though this may have been done to show off the cab interior.If this was their plan I think it flopped.

    The paint work is excellent and true to the prototype unit it has the white roof.While the unit has the proper ditchlights they are non functional which I feel is a minus on an otherwise attractive unit.(there are 3 numbers per roadname 1&2 have the white roof the 3rd unit does not per protype)

    2 Performance -Slow speed operation is excellent due in part I'm sure by the Mashima 5 pole motor that replaces the 3 pole that Athearn origonally used in these locos.I don't know how well the unit pulls or how many cars it pulls because dummy me didn't bring any aling to find out.

    One last thing the unit comes equipt with knuckle couplers that to my old eyes appear to be Accumates.