Athearn Genesis F7's need bulbs changed

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    Hi, I have some Genesis locomotives that need their bulbs replaced (the Genesis ones don't make the cut and they are poorly glued in the first place). What type of bulbs should I use to get the most similar light to what it was originally was? How would I make the double light (- -)? I have no clue how to change bulbs so information how to do it would be wonderful.

    Many people have told me Genesis bulbs are not good so I want to change them out. And hopefullly it can be a learning expericence as well (15 year old newbie).

    These units are SP Blackwidows and ATSF Warbonnets.

    I apologize if I am in the wrong topic, but it said locomotive scartchbuilding and I bet you guys know a few things about train lighting.

    Thank you!!!

    -Case Wiseman
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    Sorry Case,

    Can't answer your question about changing the bulb, but you could try asking at the train shop where you will buy the new bulbs what would be best.

    As for the multiple headlights, I have seen an article in an older MR about cutting a washer and drilling holes in it to simulate multiple lights. The washer disk is then fit in over the lens of the (single) headlight. Very effective.


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