Athearn 90t BethGon Coal Porters

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    Apr 19, 2005
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    Bought two 5-car packs recently on can get great deals on them now (about 50% or more off of msrp).

    Overall the quality of the cars is great. The graphic details are clear and sharp, the paint lines are well done and crisp. Overall, the cars are heavy and roll well, keeping their momentum after uncoupling allowing them to roll to a stop. The coal loads are removable and the car inside is fully detailed with cross members. My only complaint was the grab irons were slightly too long and not angled enough to clear the Bachmann EZ turnouts on my layout and needed adjusted, then finally removed for more adjustment later. Several of the cars also have knuckle couplers that don't hold too strongly. If you take up the "slack" between cars first, they grab well and generally hold on around the layout. But if you start too quickly, a car or two will uncouple (on curves or straights).

    With each car set individually numbered, you can run a 15 car unit train without car duplication. Kato is releasing a new BethGon set from what I've read online and some online retailers are offering good deals on them too...and in a LHS I compared the two sets side by side and found little real difference, so maybe price will rule this debate if the road name isn't too important.