Aslo to a good cause! Plz read!

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    Jan 2, 2005
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    As some of you may know I'm Idris and ive just started to build my first HO project.

    But my family members from India has called memmbers of my family for the news about my relitives in India and the Tsunami.

    I am helping rasing money for unicef, to give a heart to the people there that barley had anythign in the first place but there loving families which are now gone.:cry:

    I am Constructing an N scale layout and selling it off and using the money to donate to Unicef. If you have ANY SPARE parts at ALL, old coaches, tracks, road bed. ANYTHING. Please mail it to my adress.

    I will mail each one back a handwriten thank you note!

    3118 Ann Arbor Ct.
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
    Idris Hughes (


    PLease Help the cause!:)