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    Hi Guys and Girls:
    I kind of think that paper modeling is a type of art. If you are some kind of artist you take chances and do your thing. Thats why you see around here all kinds of "experiments" and techniques which many of you develop out of your own artistic needs, as well as the need of developing ways to do our models better......(what's this guy talking about!!!! :shock: )
    Enclosed you will find something I always miss on my models and always try to do something about it........P i l o t s!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
    Hard to get one in 1:33 scale...there are lots in 1:35.......So I try to make make own......a few months ago I showed you the "easy" way: Get a plastic or resin one, make a plaster of Paris mold and in in few hours (after drying you have one which with a shart knife you polish up to your liking :?
    The photos show the beginning of a "free hand" one:
    1) A mold of Plaster of Paris.
    2) A simple drawing
    3) Some basic toos.......and start shaping :oops:

    .......................will continue :(