Arizona Convention

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    Oct 4, 2009
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    1: Where: Pima Air Museum Tucson, Arizona
    2: When: Nov 14th... I think. Starts when the museum opens (9am)
    3: Cost: We need to determine this still
    4: Who's gonna be there: Let's have a roll call. Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...
    5: Food: ?
    6: Maybe a table or two for everybody to display models they bring (Thinking Ekuth and the Big G[​IMG]) Show what you're working on guys.
    7. Anything else?
    8. Any chance we could get a tour of the restoration hanger?[​IMG]

    1: Spirit of Freedom Hangar - Hangar #1
    2: Correct
    3: Admission + table rental AFAIK
    4: Looks like 4-5 probables Roll call would be good
    5: There is a box lunch available, but need an answer to Q4 to be sure - otherwise there is food around.
    6: I was thinking 3or 4 to provide some build space as well as display - maybe more pending Q4
    7: Dunno
    8: Doubtful, but I'll ask.