Are there any paper modeling publications?

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    I strongly agree. As the former editor of two small aviation magazines, I'd also like to point out how much *&^%$#@! work it takes to put together a monthly or even quarterly publication.

    For now, this forum offers lots more that any magazine could offer, with a greater immediacy and sense of community. We don't need another way of preaching to the choir. I suggest it would only dillute the effectiveness of what we already have--the premier online English(mostly)-language community of paper modelers.

    We need to keep making this forum as useful and user-friendly as possible for "newbies." I think we already do that, if recent posts from new members are any guide. We can always do better. See, for example:
    Or how about a thread called "Getting Started in Paper Models," focused on basic How-Tos and recommendations--kind of a paper modeling FAQ. (We've talked about building a new Card Modeling FAQ, why not do it here? Why not make it a prominent category: "Paper Modeling FAQ"?)

    We also need to start knocking at the doors of the mainline scale modeling magazines. When I finish the GPM Leopold, I intend to pitch a feature story and photos to FINESCALE MODELER Magazine. We, as a group, should be sending so many photos to FSMM's "Reader Showcase," that they can't ignore us any more.

    I've noticed a growing number of articles about paper models in model railroading publications. If nothing else, pitch the idea to the leisure editor of your daily newspaper.

    Let's focus our energies and creativity on using the resources already available to us: a vibrant online forum and community, and several established scale modelers' organizations and publications that are ripe for infiltration by this maverick, underground hobby.

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