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    Hi Group, July 10th, 07.
    Tuesday 18:35 Hrs. M.D.T.

    I didn'r Realize That Others Also Had a Con Cor
    Arcade & Atica Car as Well. Guess We Find Out When We
    Post View on Various Cars What Others Have etc.
    I Remember Back in the 70s - 80s When Con Cor
    Had Kato Make Various Cars and Yes I Do Have Some of
    Those Psgr Cars in Both B.N. and Great Northern - Sky Blue.
    While We Can Agree to Disagree or What Ever, I do
    Feel Kato Made Good Rolling Stock for That Time. In My
    Own Views, It Beats the Plastic Items I See Now. Crude,
    By Todays Standards, Perhaps, May Be NOT. The Weights
    of the Bottoms Means You Don't Have the Metal Weights
    Like in the Atlas, or Other Cars. Intermountian Cars don't
    Have Wieghts at All, and I don't Mind to say I do Like some
    of the Cars. Just wish They Had a Bit of Weight.
    When I Got into N Scale in the Early 70s as I saw
    It, Con Cor, then Kadee - Now Micro Trains Had Some of
    the Best Cars Going, Followed by M.R.C. I've Got Quiet a
    Few of the M.R.C. & Concor/M.R.C. Cars. Guess I've Been
    Collecting/Running Cars for a Very Long Time.
    One Thing I did Like and I Guess Its a Matter of
    Taste - Opinions Really were the Nickel/Silver Wheels on
    the ConCor/Kato and M.R.C. Cars. I still Use a Lot of Them
    on My Rolling Stock. The Early Silver Wheels on the Atlas &
    Other Brands Were OK , But I don't Have Money to Switch
    Them all Over to the Better Profile Atlas Wheels.
    Guess Its all a Matter of Opinion, Be Interested to
    Hear How Others View Early N Scale. I Still Have Lots of the
    Older Cars and Yes Interesting Road Names, And They Are
    Just as Good as the Cars Today as I Took Good Care of
    What I Have.. Interesting Thing Is, They Run Just as Good
    as Well.
    Hey Thanks Group, Have a Great Week.:thumb: