Arado Ar 196A-3 by Wilhelmshavener

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    Hi all, time to bring out and dust off an other senior citizen of the paper model world. The victim this time is Wilhelmshavener's Arado Ar 196A-3 twin float scout aircraft from around 1938. The kit is on a single sheet of cardstock - weight unknown. The model can be built with a full cockpit interior which is what I intend to atempt. This kit is one of a group that I acquired from a friend when he returned from a tour with the U.S. Army to Germany in 1965. If you can read it, the price as printed on the front page of the instruction pamphlet is DM 1,50! From what I remember, a DM in 1965 was equivelent to $.25 American.... My, how things have changed! The attached pics show the untouched kit, the instruction sheets and one float completed along with the parts for the second. As this is all hand drawn, there are some mis-matches, but none so bad as to keep me from messing up the good parts. :) As we progress along, there will be more installments. So be forewarned.
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