anyone put oil in their yokomo drift car shocks?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by RainSlicked, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. RainSlicked

    RainSlicked Guest

    noticed the shocks have orings and seem like they can be filled with fluid..

    anyone tried.. any suggestions? seems like it might smooth out the car from bouncing too much.

    i might go ahead and try it but i dont know what to buy.. what's a good shock fluid and how does viscosity affect the ride.

  2. lexluthier

    lexluthier Guest

    oil in shocks

    i thought about it too, but when i called yokomo to order the aluminum shocks their tech was telling me that adding oil in the shocks will make it more difficult to drift their car. so i haven't tried oil, but i tried stiffening up the suspension and after a couple of different combinations i've come to conclude that the stock setup works the coolest
  3. S14Swap240sx

    S14Swap240sx Guest

    the lower the number the tinner the fluid is, and u dont want that if u have drifting in mind, the ticker it is, the better but you will have less traction and it will be more unstable, but then again if its too soft your car will have sluggish acceleration.. i always perfered running high viscosity fluids even for 1/10 touring
  4. belgiandiftr

    belgiandiftr Guest

    this is what i dont get : everyone says go for thick oil and hard spring but the drift kit has no oil and really soft spring so whats up with that

    i think ya wanna keep it soft but you can fill up the yokomo shock with oil if you want
  5. raysoh8

    raysoh8 Guest

    it depends on your preference, some people, like me, prefer a softer suspension, because i feel the drift is less exagerated, and its more smooth. and i think its easier to control in a drift than a car with a hard suspension.
  6. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    on the yokomo the rear is setup a bit stiffer than the front, but man it drifts sooooo nice right out of the box

    i've been trying to dial in my hpi rs4 sport, and it's been a pain, i finally have it drifting on ABS tires, with a really soft front and pretty stiff rear and it's drifting pretty controllably, but it still tends to loop out a bit much, so tonight i'm gonna play with it some more.

    but ya, so my point is, the yokomo setup is just butter out of the box, i personally wouldn't change anything about it since it drifts so well allready.

    - Brian
  7. YucA

    YucA Guest

    actually. many people have been misled.

    it seems that stiff suspension works on the TL-01 because of the chassis design. On most other "bucket" or dual deck chassis its better to run soft springs.

    i tried stiff springs on my yokomo, and even with the bucket chassis, it would tweak while turning causing it to loose grip on the inside wheel causing it to spin out. Went with the soft springs the kit comes with, and problem solved, and it drifts like a dream. This is all with upgraded oil shocks. im using 30wt i think wih the yokomo black soft springs.

    i recently had a few emails with a yokomo tech and they told me that they did their RD for the drift kit using one of their team cars, and by removing the shock oil and installing soft springs, drifts became more consistent and easier to control.

    I tried it, and what they said is true. I have been telling people this, and it seems to be correct...
  8. Guest

    But would the Yoke Drift setup work as well on PVC pipe?

    I'm sure that if Masami had anything to do with the R&D the kit would work...end of.
  9. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    the yokomo kit drifts like BUTTER on ABS tires - a little less grip and a little less speed thatn on the yoke tires, but man the drifts are just ultra controlable on the ABS, and you can throw out way longer drifts too :)

    i have 2 extra sets of yoke drift tires that i haven't taken out of the packages yet, because i've been running ABS and it's just awsome with the drift package!

    - Brian
  10. r2drift2

    r2drift2 Guest

    i put 3 mm C clips on mine cause i had to adjust the ride height, and it drifts better, i think. ofcourse the shocks got a little stiff, but still works for me.
  11. shawnalex8

    shawnalex8 Guest

    you want a soft in the front and hard in the rear
    lean your rear shocks more (increase the angle) and straighten up your front shocks this makes them harder in the rear and softer in the front also if you want a little dampining put vegitable oil in the shocks it is about a 4 weight or close to it.
    good luck

    ohh yeah camber in the front and soft youll love it
  12. Guest

    If you lean the tops of your shocks to the centre of the car, the spring rate is reduced so softer suspension NOT harder suspension, this is because the spring is compressed less for the same arm movement than if they were upright

    Take this to extreme, lie the shock on a flat surface, do you think it takes much force to lift what would be the arm mounted end - little to nothing

    So you could try same springs all round, front shocks laydown, rear shocks upright
  13. shawnalex8

    shawnalex8 Guest

    no its the way i said it
    if you dont beleive me i can scan a pic in of a setup guide but id rather not have to
  14. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    ya, the further out you put your shocks (ie instead of | its like / ) the more force your putting on the shocks. Think of it this way, is it harder to move something stright up and down, or up and down at an angle.
  15. Guest

    He didn't say mount them further out, just lean them in, of course if you mount them further out on the suspension arms the leverage is reduced so in effect the spring seems stronger, if you lean the tops in (as it looked like the post suggested) you soften the spring
  16. shawnalex8

    shawnalex8 Guest

    no if you lean them in it stiffens the suspension