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  1. Wazup my name is Vincent Howse and i have a NTC3 but i am buying a Tamiya TT-01 Xanavi Nismo GT-R from the murfreesboro tennessee Hobbytown USA and i am buying an electric car to do nice smooth controlled drifts I still have never driven my NTC3 since i had because of a engine problem what is funny is the car i am getting costs just as much as the .18 engine i was goning to buy. should i sell my nitro and get some extra money for parts for my drifting car.
  2. i have been planning on selling my nitro just for money just to have money. i used to dispize electrics but now i know they are the easiest to drift . and tamiya's are so cheap. and electrics are easy to maintain i want one so bad . if you guys out there who have tt-01's please give me setups for the car and post your videos here for me i have all 3 SG movies already. if you have even heard of these videos at this sites video and pictures forum and click on videos at next screen.
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    Whats up man I'm located in Memphis. Are you going to come down next month for the TCS race??? Anyways I used to be into riding bikes and I have been to the Murfreesboro YMCA skatepark a few times to ride.
    Anyone else in that area into RC drifting?
    If so we should all meet up some time. but if you can you should come down for the TCS race even if you are only wathching. It is a ton of fun!
  4. AE86 Drifter my dad is working out of town in Memphis working on a contract been back and forth for the last4 or 5 weeks. hey what is your # and we might go drifting one time i might come w/ him one time. we could drive all day. my number is 615 867-0631.

    Hey edited it with area code
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    just kina a warning... i wouldnt put your numbers up. Specially with area codes... PM eachother otherwise you'll get spam. Spam bad! Lol...