Anyone from Ireland???

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by imported_Ed, Nov 21, 2004.

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    Ive 'lurked' on this forum for a bit,but now Ill start posting! Id just like to know is there anyone here from Ireland and if there is would they be interested in meeting up for a drifting session somewhere?

    Im based in Dublin and have a Yokomo HKS S15,although that figure might be 2 soon (I hope!)

    Also are there any events in the UK as I might be willing to travel!

  2. VDubbin

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    Howrya Ed!
    I'm In cork, and you are the only other Irish RC Drifter I've met!

    There's a D1 Drift Comp in Rosegreen in December, I'm Bringing the M3! (1/10th that is!)

  3. imported_Ed

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    Hopefully Ill be down there for that,not sure if Ill have the S15 with me,still struggling on setup,but it depends on what surface Im on, only seems to like tarmac at the mo!

    But hopefully there will be a few more Irish drifters soon as a company here is set to import Yokomo drifting cars either ready to run or in kit form (the importer is set to make them up and tune them himself) but Ill let you know when things are up and running.

  4. vectra

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    Hi Guys
    I am from Cork myself but am not into the drifting really. Racing's more my line (rc that is) 8) Vdubbin. What part of Cork ya from?
    I'm From Fermoy myself :twisted:
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    Hi Vectra, I'm living in Glanmire. Where do you race?

    I didn't think anyone was still racing in Cork, I gave up looking a couple of months after I moved down from Limerick in May. One of the reasons I drift is cos there isn't much fun racing on yer own! And I've been told Fermoy is a grand spot altogether! :D

    Ed, Good to hear about the Irish distributor, I've a few buddies who are kinda interested, but only if there's a decent following! Let me know if there's more news. I post here, and on, and ! or mail me now'at'drop'dot'to !
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    Hi. Vdub. :wink:

    You are only up the road from me 8)
    I thought that the guys in Cork still raced in Mayfield somewhere ?
    If not. You could always pop down to us somenight and have a bash.
    Mind you,
    We are only at a starting stage and to be honest we look more like a bunch doing Demolition Derby than actual Racing. :roll:
    But time and practice will sort that.
    We run in a school P.E. hall that we get for 2 hours 1 night a week. Only problem now is that there are exams going on and the hall is in use most nights so we gotta go the the local Community center which to be honest is a piece of sh*t floor. Lots of damage happens there :twisted:

    Keep in touch with me be email

    cheers bud[/url]
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    welcome to the board!! its good to have dif countries representing!!!
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    Hey Lads just wondering if anyone is going to the Drift Comp Tomorrow in Rosegreen?
    Bit late to be posting here but if ya see me, I#'m bringing the Beemer
  9. imported_Ed

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    Ill be there,wont have the S15 with me,but might buy a nice D1 IRL jacket if they are not too expensive!

  10. imported_Ed

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    Went well I thought,enjoyable days drifting