Anyone done this yet?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Pooti, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Pooti

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    Okay, i may be fully ignorant of prior RC drifting history/development, but does anyone use spray-can (or equivalent pressure pack) lids at all to make drift tyres? I am currently running a set of rings on my old worn out rubber race tyres that are made by cutting a ring from a spray can lid- leave a bit of rubber exposed on the front tyres (with 3-4 degrees camber) for steering, and make wider rings to fully cover the rears.. we cover the tread with superglue and then squeeze the rings over (tight fit).

    This seems to work like a treat, has anyone got experience with this method??? Please note, if you do try this approach, that a brand new razor sharp scalpel is the go for cutting the lids- everything else i tried was crap.
  2. S14Swap240sx

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    Hey thats a great idea as far as i can tell, by doing that, ur scorin ur self a set of those yokomo tires.

    i feel like giving it a try, but neways have you tried running pvc tires yet?
  3. belgiandiftr

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    u just made your own yoke drift tire copy so it should work great
  4. Pooti

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    im gonna try making some PVC tyres soon... but for now these tyres i have work really well, and as i have done a bit of racing, i have several sets of old stuffed wheel/tyre sets i can use to make more!!!

    Only downside is they can crack the plastic if used on rougher surfaces, but as i've been drifting on carpet it has been fine :D

    New can lids are the way to go- that way the plastic is really pliable and won't break easily
  5. JZZ30

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    I made some drift tires from plastic spray can caps. yeah...
    I also made some out of water bottles... and i used pvcs, abs and now im using yokomo tires :D tried everything. even soda cans.... 8)
  6. driftsleeper

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    for everyone out there into drifting so much...i have nothing but respect for you guys and your passion for drifting. but at this point, you guys just like seeing exessive drift which arent really necessary in low angle corners. for me...i do drift, but only to improve my time trials in which i really need to drift. i only use it in high angle corners and hairpins where i enter the corner with a lot of speed. i again state that i have respect for you guys, but you dont have to get PVC or ABS piping just to drift because that practically contradicts its purpose to drift. drift is meant to improve cornering by entering fast and exiting even faster. i hope i havent offended anyone out there.
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    Actually your half right, in autox, ralley racing this philosphy applies exactly in that nature. Hit high spots on corners and drift into the turn to maximize speed and placement for the straight or next curve.

    However, drifting following d1gp or any other sanctioned event follows several different rules that are more tailored towards style and attack stance going into a drift also graded on speed and control of the attack angle.
  8. Beskone

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    exactly, this kind of drifting is not for speed, it's all about style and control:

    what the angle of your drift is, how long you hold it, how you transision and link drifts together, kinda more like car ballet than car racing.

    - Brian
  9. rcdrifter

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    Good description auto ballet I like that one...
  10. VDubbin

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    Funnily enough I thought of doing the same thing a couple of days ago!
    I didn't have enough lids though as I was going to cover the wheel/tyre with the lid. I suppose I only need a 1/2 inch or so around the center of the tire...
  11. Guest

    Drifting in any shape or form is gonna ADD time to your lap times, if the front end is drifting out, you got understeer, if the back end is drifting out, you got oversteer.

    If lap times are your ultimatum you copy the F1 boys, flat out into a turn, jam the brakes at the latest point possible, turn in, jam the throttle at the first opportunity.

    Whilst you're sliding your car about to aid lap times, your car is only coasting i.e. you aren't going fast enough in, or you're slow getting out of the corner