Any tips on simplifying a 3DS file for Pepakura?

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    Hi there

    Starting the epic journey of translating my 3DS model into a Pepakura kit.

    Any tips on simplifiying the model in 3DS before importing it into Pepakura?

    Having particular trouble with things like cylinders which, having been extruded from the flat base of a complex edge, do not have straight segments but instead a large number of poly's that shatter on contact with Pepakura.

    Thanks in advance

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    Aug 1, 2003
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    Got red lines or grey polygons?
    see :-
    This is written for metasequoia so i don't know what the commands would be for 3dsmax.
    Red lines and shattered objects are normally because you have multiple vertex instances where you should only have one.
    For example, on a cube each corner of the cube should have 1 vertex with 3 ploygons sharing the vertex. However you can also have upto 3 vertices with each vertex belonging to a polygon.
    You can have 1,000 polygons in a cylinder and pepakura will handle it so long as all your faces are 'joined'/'welded'.
    Double sided faces are also a real problem in pepakura, it doesn't know which polygons it should use.