Any one know what this is>?

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    I have a TL01 which i purchased as an ex-racing car- and it goes accordingly very fast, until last weekend.
    I have established that it is a gear/part in the rear gear box that is broken, however, I have searched far and wide and cannot find anything like it pictured so am unable to order a new one since the guy in our local modelshop (the only tamiya stockist in this city) in useless and didnt know what it was,
    There is one in the front and rear gearbox, and both of them are stuffed. I have a spare almost stuffed one that still works and i used this to work out what the problem is, but need new ones.

    heres the description.
    Its the last cog before the power goes to the rear wheels i.e the axle goes straight through it.
    It has plastic teeth on the exterior circumference, and on the inner part of the cog is a metal mechanism that feels like its sitting on ballbearings. If you hold the outside of the cog, the metal bit spins inside the cog when you put your finger on it and rotate the inside mechanism, and when you turn one side, the other side spins in the reverse direction, thus spinning the opposite wheel in the opposite direction. Is this some type of clutch or LSD? I know that standard TL01s dont have them as my friends do not have them at all- there is just a straight up plastic cog in its place.

    Anybody got any ideas?
    thanks for the help.
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    that is the limited slip differential.
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    Yup, the LSD, ball diff, and part number should be 53267. I couldnt find one for the TL01, but the TA03 should fit...
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    thanks alot for that.
    much appreciated.