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    I belong to the Private Road Name Modelers Forum (An SIG of NMRA) . I'm no longer a member of the PRNM, but I still read the posts, because once in a while there is some good information.

    The following was posted there last week:

    Date: Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 20:02:09 -0000
    From: "Tracy Mitchell" <_traymit@yahoo.com_ ( >
    Subject: Changing the NMRA Contest Form

    Dear Fellow NMRA Members,

    What follows is a request to sign a petition that Jim Packer MMR started.
    Many of us scratchbuilders feel the same way that Jim Does. The present
    contest form hinders the scratchbuilder and favors he RTR crowd.

    I am posting this message to all NMRA members. I ask that you please
    forward it to all NMRA members known to you. It is my hope that eventually most
    members with e-mail addresses will be given the opportunity to express their
    opinion on this subject. If you are not an NMRA member and could forward to
    others who are, your assistance would be appreciated. We hope to complete this
    prior to the Mid-Year Meeting of the NMRA Board of Directors

    In 1995, the long-standing scoring system for NMRA contests was changed.
    The revised scoring reduced the maximum for Detail from 25 to 20 points and
    reduced the scoring for Scratchbuilding from 25 to 15 points. The maximum
    points for Conformity was increased from 10 to 25 points. Members of the Lone
    Star Region believe that the scoring system in Conformity points greatly reduces
    the opportunity to compete with a freelance entry, no matter how well the
    entry may have been built. The term "conformity" remains a mysterious term,
    with few people able to really define to what standard a model must conform in
    order to be considered well done.

    We also believe that the reduction in points for Scratchbuilding reflects a
    lack of respect for the modeler who does the research and uses the ingenuity
    to build without the benefits of a kit. A modeler can build a kit, using
    pre-cut parts and explicit plans, then scratch build two or three small
    additions and earn nearly as many points in that category as the modeler who puts in
    hundreds of hours determining how to cut and assemble an original model.

    Following my article in Scale Rails I have received lots of encouragement
    from the NMRA and members of the Lone Star Region, supporting this position.

    We ask that you sign this petition requesting that the NMRA revise the
    scoring for NMRA-sponsored contests and the Achievement Program to the following:

    Construction - 40 points

    Detail - 25 points

    Conformity - 10 points

    Finish & Lettering - 25 points

    Scratchbuilding - 25 points

    Please go to the following link and include your name and your NMRA member
    number when you sign:


    Note: I no way endorse the NMRA or the model judging function, I have neer participated in any contest, This is only an announcement for any Gauge members that are also NMRA members..

    ~~ Thanks