Any D & H experts here? Need Lyon Mountain mining info

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    I'm interested in locating photos or other info of the rail operations at the Lyon Mountain, NY iron mines, WWI era. I've located track plans and a number of photos of the mine buildings as well as the nearby blast furnaces, but none clearly show locomotives, hoppers etc used in the operations there.

    I've searched the web pretty thoroughly including contacting the Delaware & Hudson group on Yahoo, as well as Shaughnessy's D&H book, Kurdish's Railroads of the Adirondacks and several books on Adirondack mining. Much exisits on the Port Henry, NY operations and the Lake Champlain & Moriah RR thanks to the RPI website, but little about Lyon Mountain operations.

    Would appreciate any advice pointing me towards any photos and any information on rail operations there. Especially interested in type of hoppers used around the 1919 era.