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    Model: Fiat 3000 Light Tank
    Publisher: Answer
    Published/Ident: 6-7/2003
    Scale: 1:35
    Format: A4 booklet
    Designer: Tomasz Debicki

    The Fiat 3000 was the Italian version of the Renault FT-17 tank. Although the FT-17 was extensively redesigned to produce the Fiat it looks remarkably similar. The Fiats were in Italian service from the 1920s until 1943.

    The booklet contains 4 pages of cardstock - it's organised as two 2 page Fiat 3000 versions. One version is machine gun armed with 3-colour camouflage. The other is a 37mm cannon armed version in uniform dark green. Instructions are limited - 1/2 page of Polish text, about a page diagrams and 3-view. I think most modellers could figure out how to build the Fiat, even from this fairly limited information.

    The printing and design are excellent as all recent Answer kits are. The scale is perhaps a little unusual for AFV papermodels - 1/25 is more usual. The smaller scale makes this model very small - the Fiat was a tiny vehicle only about 3m (10ft) long in 1/35 its tiny.

    The construction is more like the ICM models reviewed here than the larger 1/25 models - a simple unreinforced card box hull. There are a handfull of parts which require reinforcement with 0.5 mm card - these are clearly marked.

    The complicated FT-17 derived suspension is remarkably well modelled considering the small size of the model. The tracks are simple 2 card bands, this is reasonable since I can't imagine anyone but a microsurgeon doing individual track links at this scale.

    The design has a fair representation of the rivet patterns of the Fiat tank - this might encourage some modellers to emboss the rivets - this certainly would add a lot to this model. I think this model could be built by a beginner - it isn't a difficult build but will demand some care and accuracy to handle the small parts.

    Instructions: B (very terse)
    Paper quality: A
    Level of detail: A
    Printing quality: A
    Artwork: B (no weathering)
    Value for money: Not much kit for the $ - don't pay too much for this one.
    Skill level: Beginner