Another VIA Rail accident

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    Apr 1, 2003
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    VIA Rail Canada train 199, northbound E&N passenger train with RDC1 6135 struck a rock slide near milepost 16 on the Victoria Subdivision about 16 miles north of Victoria, BC. The 6135 recieved major damage and will be shipped east for repairs, this leaves only one operational RDC on the E&N, the 6148. The 6135 was rebuild in February of 2003 and went into service in May. This stretch of track is prone to downed trees and rock slides, about 5 years ago, a southbound passenger train, led by RDC1 6133 struck a downed tree in the same area.

    The line reopens tomorrow, and VIA RDC 6148 will handle the passenger trains for the time being. No word yet whether VIA Rail will return the 6133 to service(it's a parts source right now) or lease the 6130 again, from FarmRail.

    The photo below shows the 6135 in the Vic West yard last summer.