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    A little different this time. I'm fine with the math but I'm having trouble with the process.

    I've got Acrobat Professional 7.0 but can't seem to find an option to print at a specific scale. I can Reduce to margins (which A4->Letter usually yields about 92%) but can't change it.

    For this specific example, I want to print out the Enterprise A from SF PaperCraftGallery at 1:1700. I measured the original diameter of the saucer to be 14.3cm and the reference measurement is 141m according to the best google can offer. That's approximately 1:1000. To scale to 1:1700 I need to reduce to 58% give or take a percent (close enough for me). How do I print at 58%?

    I tried to export the pages as JPG images but because they're vector, not raster, it won't export. Any suggestions??
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    I use Photo Shop 7 on a Mac.

    To print at a given scale go to File > Print with Preview, there are all the options. Un check the Centre Image box to position the image where you want it on the page.

    Your scaling is going the wrong way; Try 1000/700 x 100 = 142.86%

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    I only have Paint Shop Pro, not sure if I can import a .pdf file there. But I'll try it out. Oh, and I'm confident I want to reduce to 58% - my 1:1000 scale model is about 28cm overall. I want to scale it down to 1:1700 which is smaller to match in size to my Enterprise D model which is ~31cm and close to 1:2000. Eventually I'll build Clever's Enterprise D which is exactly 1:1700.

    Any way to do this without Photoshop?

    Edit: Just re-read your post. I want 1:1700 not 1:700.
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    Try Brava Reader. It's free and you can use it to scale your pdf' files.You can also print selected regions if scaling up out-sizes you paper.
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    Use your PAGE SET-UP dialog box to set the scaling to whatever percentage you want.
    When you print from Acrobat, make sure PAGE SCALING is set to NONE.

    This should do it.

    I'm on a Mac but I know it's similar on a PC.

    These pictures may be out of order, I've numbered them.

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    Does Acrobat Professional 7 have the Graphics Select Tool where you can draw a box around the graphic then paste it into PSP for resizing? I have done that with the Acrobat Reader and PSP. Works as long as the pdf isn't locked. If it is locked how about a screen shot then open the screen shot in PSP and resize it that way.

    Of course if any of that is illegal forget that I mentioned it. :mrgreen:
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    Ah, thanks for that. I don't have the same menu structure, but I did find an option in my Epson panel that allows for scaling. Now if I could rotate and print two per page I could cut my waste paper in half!

    Maybe I will install PS and edit the stuff manually - then I can rearrange parts too.

    Thanks for the help though!
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    Hey, what a great idea! It does work. The biggest issue now is that to get a decent resolution to work with and print, I gotta zoom way in on the PDF and capture a section at a time, just as if it were a screen shot. Maybe using PS will still be a better option, but thanks that will do in a pinch.
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    You can SAVE AS a tif file. you can pick your resolution up to 2400 dpi.
    If your paint program opens a jpg, it'll surely open a tif. Better format anyway, but larger.

    Just tried it out on one of those file pages. Worked fine and dandy.
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    Ding Ding Ding!! We have a winner. Perfect solution! Thanks so much, it worked perfectly and its a nice raster graphic format to play around with. Thanks again! :thumb: