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    While browsing the LHS today, I noticed the bachmann "Jupiter" has a superstucture that is very simiar to the engine in the attached photo. The size of the bachmann model looks like it would look good as an HOn3 2-6-0, if a new mechanism could be constructed. Actually, this coronado RR loco looks nearly identical to a FED spartan 2-6-0 model - but I don't have the money for brass. I've estimated the driver diamiter of this engine to be around 45" based upon the train crew standing in front. a simple 2-6-0 chasis should be relatively easy to construct - if I can find 45" drivers. Anybody know of a source for these?


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    May 15, 2004
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    Go on ebay The FED 2-6-0's come up there alot, you can get one for around $200. I se them on there all the time.
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    Yeah, 200$ aint that much, considering brass prices, but bashing something would be a whole lot funner :) I love wandering around swap meets looking for bargain junkers to play with. A cheap Jupiter from a junk box, some detail parts and a motor from my scrap box... yep, I can picture it coming together already!