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    Hi guys,
    Its been a long time since I have stopped by last.
    Since then I have found a new job, taken down the old layout, moved, had surgery, and now am ready to start planning the new layout!!

    and the Famous Givens and Druthers
    Railroad Name is unknown
    Scale: HO
    Era: Steam to diesel transition
    Region: Mountainous
    Railroad: Southern Pacific and Union Pacific
    Space: 15 x 31 utilizing 2 decks…3rd in future
    Governing Rolling Stock: Coal and logging with a passenger run
    Relative Emphasis:
    Track/Operation Scenic realism
    Mainline Running Switching
    Operation Priorities:
    1. 2 separate main lines serving different areas
    2. Helper District Operations for a Summit
    3. Main-Line Passenger Train Operation
    4. Long Freight Train Operations
    5. Engine Terminal Movements
    6. Logging and Mining Operations
    Typical operating Crew: 2
    desired minimum radius 26”+.
    desired normal train length
    o 15+ cars
    maximum acceptable mainline grade
    o 2% but want to use a helper district so could go to 3.5%
    primary track system? Flex
    couplers/uncoupling system? By hand with magnet in future
    DCC Control
    are duckunders acceptable? NO
    o Willingness to build liftout, hinged bridge or gate? If needed
    acceptable distances between decks? 16” or so..

    The basement wall has this angle in it at the top.
    The black box is the HVAC room, the door is at the bottom right corner 'in the box' .
    I still need to put the door in somewhere along the right wall above the HVAC room.
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    Aug 4, 2006
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    The latest...
    I was going to put some of this on the 2nd deck.
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    That looks to be an interesting design. I look forward to seeing this idea develop further. That bunch of tracks where they all come together towards the bottom is uhmmmm, let's just say that I'm interested to see what you have planned scenery wise for that area:mrgreen:! Keep designing!