Another Buck Rogers Laser Gun

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by johnmiic, Aug 10, 2013.

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    I've been away for a while so I hope this is a new discovery. I was browsing eBay and found these 2 curious stills of Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers sporting another laser gun-not seen in any TV episode. Just thought I'd bring it to the attention of our Buck Rogers laser gun designers:

    A pretty good side view:

    Very close to the poster pose:
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    Hi, John!

    I know of this gun. It was used for publicity shots only; there are some more featuring it. Moreover, this was a very common prop. If I remember correctly it was also used on U.N.C.L.E. and I believe James Bond. I have detailed info on it but it is buried deep down in my archive. But it is not on my todo list (yet).

    Next in the line will be the gun Buck is holding on the movie poster, the Buck Rogers poster gun:

    BTW, this one was a real gun. A real TOY gun! :mrgreen: Parts are ready for unfolding but I don't know for sure when I have the time for that.

    Thanks for posting this! :thumb:
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    Aw, sweet! I didn't remember Buck ever posed with an AR-7. Cool! I've wanted to get one for awhile, because it was used in Star Wars and Empire. I think Ponda Baba may have had one (someone in the Cantina did, I think), plus the Rebel Hoth troopers also had a version. One version had a Sterling SMG pistol grip, an Aimpoint sight and the back end of a rocket for a barrel, another was had a kind of corrugated tube for the pistol Grip. Get Smart's Maxwell Smart also had one, which inexplicably had a wooden stock and forestock.