Another 1/48th Regulus-1 drone version-Red/w/white wings!

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    Apr 25, 2005
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    Hi Y'all! Well, by popular request from a few friends, I made the Red Regulus-1 target drone, also known as the KDU-1, in the version with white wings. It is in 1/48th scale. Also by popular request, and comments about the insignia emblem- I improved that as well. My other half says it looks like a flying piece of candy corn, so I guess it's fitting that it's done for Halloween! I actually wanted to have it done yesterday, but my computer went into fits, and y'all know how that goes...I haven't added it to my website yet- so here is the link to the my where it is on OURMEDIA, which I just link to anyway:

    Now along with that treat- here's a trick! :)
    I also fixed up the emblem on the RED target drone as well, and it can be downloaded at:
    I have to fix the link to that on the website as well, which I can't get to right now.
    These are smaller size PDF's but should print out well. Let me know how they look and if they need improvement! :)
    Happy Halloween- and I hope these don't turn out to be scary!
    OK- I've got a small picture on the website with a link, but here's another for y'all. The main website:

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