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    Just a small introduction to who I am.I was born in 1954,and am currently a retired shipping supervisor.I was in the Air Force for 20 years as a Minuteman II missile tecnnician.My last duty station was F.E. Warren AFB,prior to that I was at Ellsworth AFB.I have modeling since I was 8 ans have been into card modeling for about 7 years,before then and still currently I do plastics.Aircraft,space and sci fi models are my mainstays,but also enjoy model railroading.Hope to make friends with a lot of you folks.Have a great day.
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    welcome aboard
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    I remember when they had a base in Connecticut. I even know where there is an old abandoned one in Westport, Ct. though I am not sure of it's current status, it could be a wooded area or some luxury house built over the site. The people there literally have money to burn! I have no idea what kind of missile was posted there. I forget things. :)

    Feel free to post pics of models regardless of what you have built them out of. It would be interesting to see. I helped a member by designing a jet engine for this fantastic truck he built. He made the paper jet engine, took it way past what I designed, make a cradle to looked incredible. I like these hybrid models. You can make unique models this way. :)