Amtrak derailment - Dec 08th

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    I found out in our local paper that there was a derailment just south of Carlinville a couple weeks ago. I've gotten a few links and attached them below. Fortunately no one was killed, but the trailer that was stuck on the crossing didn't fare too well. Apparently he got stuck on the tracks with a low slung trailer just before Amtrak was due.

    This link to fox news has video(with 20sec commercial at start) and several gallery pictures in links on the page.

    State Journal-Register (Springfield IL paper)

    We get a lot of traffic thru here on our UP trackage and the track is kept in great condition, so the trains can really move. My wife hates when a train is heading in the same direction on trips to Springfield, but I don't get a lot of railfanning done as while it is possible to legally keep up with the trains in the country, when I get to a town and slower speed limits, I lose them.

    We had a crossing closed last year by UP due to an accident where a SUV tried to beat the train.

    I remember this one as we were coming back from Springfield (shopping including a visit to my LHS) and saw an Amtrak train stopped with an ambulance and several police cruisers on the side of the road by the track.

    It all goes to show that people need to stop and wait when the lights are flashing and they need to look both ways when crossing an unguarded track. Of course, train nuts look both ways, but then we want to wait at a crossing to see a train go by.