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    House Bill 4806 the Military Toy Replica Act goes to vote on 18 May 2006.
    This is the bill which would stop defense contractors from charging an outrageous license fee to model companies and individual designers to create kits of vehicles, ships and aircraft which were paid for actual development with taxpayer money in the first place.
    The original proposal was added as a "tag" on another bill but was removed (No doubt at the request of defense contractor lobbyists). It has been reintroduced to the house as a full bill in it's own right and if passed will stand as it's own law, protecting the rights of designers and enabling military models to be affordably designed and made available in the USA..
    I wholeheartedly urge you to contact your representatives in the house and senate to take affirmative action.
    Here's a link to House Bill 4806 the Military Toy Replica Act in PDF format:
    Here's the members serving on the committee and their contact info:
    And contact info for all members of the House and Senate:
    CALL, don't write or email your representative soon! Calls are taken immediately while email
    and snail mail often arrives/is read too late and this goes to vote on
    the 18th of May!