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    ...and seems it took me much to long to get back to cardmodeling and realizing i have lost a vast collection of links saved files of things i will build that one day i have time and of course in moving somehow all those lil things i carefully packed away that i had made or was in the process of making became less than usable in some cases. how is it that a cup of liquid of some sort still finds its way to that one box of all boxes. anyways im currently looking for a site that i was not able to transfer from old computer to new one because after emailing it to myself somehow it was not recognized as a link and would not copy paste or anything. it was all in asian characters of some sort and most of the files were in pepakura veiwer format. it had a vast collection of different things including some very nice dolls and some more or less blank models all pictured on the left and grey boxes going to the middle of the page. that is all i can recall of it at the moment. if anyone has something like this or even some nice suggestions of something new i havent seen yet i would love anything for my new archives. thank you.

    and for you i give some new things i have found!