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    0 "dhanners' gallery." In no particular order, they are:

    * The Jaybats Raptor from the new "Battlestar Galactica" TV series. Built with some added scratchbuilt detail.

    * Atlas V HLV/CEV Launcher in 1/96th scale. This is based on some drawings I came across online a few weeks ago showing an Atlas V HLV as a launch vehicle for Orion. I had built an Atlas V HLV a couple of years or so ago, so I cut off the payload fairing, scratchbuilt a CEV and launch escape system and added it to the center Common Core Booster. In the process of doing this, I realized I had originally made the CCBs too tall by a couple of inches, so I cut each down to size. And I also had gotten some good detail shots of the external LO2 feedline, so I rebuilt all three of those.

    * Atlas V 500 Series. This is scratchbuilt in 1/96th scale. I used a metallic copper paper I found at an art-supply store for the main body. This particular rocket is the launch vehicle for the New Horizons probe to Pluto. It has five solid rocket boosters, which makes it look kind of unbalanced, if you ask me, but I'm not rocket scientist.

    * Bell X-1. The first aircraft to break the sound barrier. I found it somewhere online, and I think it is 1/72nd scale. This is the first card model of an airplane I've built. It is built pretty much stock, except for the pitot tubes and air-data probes.
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    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.