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    0 my Gallery. I was looking for a quick weekend build, so I did Ton Noteboom's design of the McDonnell-Douglas DC-X. The model is available on Jon Leslie's LHVCC website.

    Even though I wanted a "quick weekend build," I did deviate from the stock kit and added some detail. The biggest change I made was to cut out the four flaps that opened when the DC-X landed. (Although on some landings int he flight test program, the flaps weren't used.) Cutting them out, however, meant building the internal bay detail behind the flaps, so I did that. each of the four bays is a simple five-piece affair.

    I also added some external detail, such as panels and vents. The DC-X didn't have very much external detail, since the aeroshell was pretty plain and straightforward.

    Because I cut out the flaps, I had to come up with ways to strengthen the launch vehicle's innards. To do this, I built formers out of that thin foam used to make the trays you get ground beef (or other meats) on at the grocery store. It is thin, lightweight, easy to cut and glue sticks to it pretty well.