Adam Drake 4-sale

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    Used 1/10th Scale Graphite Adam Drake XXXNT RTR
    2 Bodies, 1 for bashing, 1-New with Custom Paint.
    Airtonics Radio/Receiver with 12 Rechargeable AA Batteries.
    Like New, 2 sets of Tires/Rims, All Adam Drake Signature Rims, Set of Losi
    On-Road Tires, Set of Losi Off Road Tires all mounted.
    Alum. Diff Gear (replaces plastic gear).
    Trinity PICCO Engine # TP095 P12 (price on box of $153.99), less than half gallon through engine. Engine is like a ROCKET!!!! Needs starter box or bump starter.
    Original kit box and manual.

    Asking $160 + $25 shipping
    Optinal Starter box $20 with near new battery $25 + $10 shipping.

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