A90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan

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    I have been working on this for a very very long time. One reason is because of a steep learning curve in the software, but the main reason is that it just did not seem right. I am getting closer and thought I would post some pics.

    So info available on the actual craft here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-90_Orlyonok

    I once had an argument with a fellow on this forum about this ships maximum ceiling. I called Moscow and spoke to the HydroDynamicsBureau that was then in charge of the project. I Stretched the truth a "wee bit", something about doing runs from New York City up Long Island Sound to the Casino's in Ledyard Connecticut. The ensuing conversation left me with some pretty good links and verification of one thing: The ship can rise up to 3000 meters in height. That is basically 10,000 feet. It does so at the expense of a great amount of fuel, but shows that it's military capabilities could have been awesome, and could have easily flow over the Bosfors, left the Black Sea into the Mediterranean and wreaked havoc.

    Much work left. Roof of Ruder is not correct, yet. I am working my way back from the nose. All parts unfold flat so far. That has been a main concern. I do not move on till the part can unfold. So, hopefully, this is pleasing, and I can finish it. I have some medical issues that are a Monkey or my shoulder! wall1

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    Wow... that's an unusual looking bird!

    Looking forward to seeing this one develop.
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    Tanks a million!! I have some Russian people looking at this build and if I don't get it right, it could cause an international incident:mrgreen:.
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    My wife is from Russia... ;)