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    If you find you have to constuct a spherical surface from laminated parts that you will then fill with spaclkle or some other sort of filler the need to position the various layers is important to keep the amount of filler to a a minumum yet at the same time to keep the amount of paper to a minumum too. the attached picture is from the buld I am doing for the large ship competition. The model needs a domed structure 1.4"/35mm in diameter at the bow of the ship. After doubloing the parts and cutting them out save one of the scrap pieces of card the parts came out of and cut out the part where the largest piece came from. With a square surface to place the parts against and the radius of the large part acting as a locating surface the subsequent layers can be quickly glued in place with out relying on registration marks. The attached pic is of a layered 1/4 section of a required sonar dome in the build "fixture". The moral is sometimes the scrap pieces we have left over are more useful than they seem