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    scale "and" S scale vehicles


    These are Johnny Lightning Monoply game tokens.For the most part they are slightly undersized but some of them are dead on 1:160.

    There is a huge selection of these available,but they come only with a 1/64 scale vehicle.

    Pictured above,Late GMC van.mid 70s Dodge pickup,55 Chevy Cameo pickup,mid 60's Studeabaker pickup,and a late model Chevy Suburban.

    These can be found at K-Mart,Meijers,Target,Wal-Mart,etc.
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    Mar 11, 2003
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    I love that Dodge - the "Little Red Wagon." It's a gotta have. No problem on the 1:64 vehicle, I collect Matchbox Trucks too, and can trade the JL off to some fellow collectors.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Sep 26, 2001
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    Shame you can't get em' seperate, I could use the 3 in the middle :D :D :D