A real challenge to me.

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    First the QUICK FIX! —RAILZIP The way to use it is drag a couple of drops on the track and then run a loco over that area. Go about 15 feet one direction and then 15 back in the other direction. This stuff works fast and keeps the rails from rusting.

    We also use the clipper oil at the club. BUT I find the oil makes mud out of whatever is on the rails and that winds up on my locos wheels. So, while it does work, I think it is a longer process and then attracts dust to the rails anyway. Which creates more muck on the rails.

    I am quite sure running only once a month is the biggest problem. The more you run metal wheels over the rails the cleaner the track stays. I am also one of those convinced plastic wheels are no bargan.

    I'm not knocking your space at all but, although you have taken great precautions your local may have something to do with this. Maybe add a dehumidifier, something I want to do at our club. I like how you covered the walls with plastic and have an air purifier running.

    If you try any of this let us know.